MinkerMonk Music is a production company with a variety of songs crafted for a wide array of artists. We hold our pride in making the highest-quality music for the acts that we produce. MinkerMonk Music’s main focus is on the artists and songs. We work with each and every one of our clients to develop a tailor fit specifically for that artist’s look, sound, and market place. We jump start all projects with social media marketing and videos to build a solid fan base and to create a strong media presence. We work closely and give the utmost attention to our signed artists, as well as our clients; finding a home for every artist we work with is our commitment.

We enjoy working side-by-side with record company A&Rs and Artist Management to help develop their vision to better market the artist.

We also welcome the opportunity to work with publishers and their signed writers to create great writing teams.

If you have questions for MinkerMonk Music, please feel free to contact us.