Sandy Reed

Sandy ReedSandy Reed started singing at an early age, so much so that her mother said ‘before she could speak she was humming’. It is evident the moment she opens her mouth- she is what people refer to as one of those ‘Big Voices’!

Sandy Reed hails from Brooklyn, New York and was raised in Cologne, Germany, as well as different parts of Spain (Ibiza and Seville). She traveled through Europe with her family and absorbed all different styles of music from jazz, pop, R&B, reggae, and world music, all like a sponge. She knew she wanted to be a singer and began pursuing her dream. Starring in musicals and getting her first record deal with WEA/Germany at 17, she scored her first big hit with ‘Sweet Love’ from her number one album, ‘I Believe’ in Japan in the late 90’s. This success led to Reed landing a publishing deal with her label (WEA/Germany) as well as EMI Germany. When she scored a recording deal with Warner Brothers through her mentor Jimmy Ienner (85 Gold and Platinum albums, multiple Grammys, and two Oscars) she moved to the states and her winning streak continued. She signed another publishing deal with Famous Music/Ensign (owned by Paramount). For her charting follow-up release, she co-wrote with Andy Marvel (Diana King) and Peter Zizzo (Celine Dion). They both gave Sandy their stamp of approval as a bona fide artist, especially when Sandy earned Andy’s respect by calling him at Battery Park studios pretending to be her own manager. Andy said ‘I can work with that voice’.. and he did!

Sandy enjoyed her success touring Japan and almost every major continent until she settled in New York in the late 2000’s. She needed some ‘me time’, she said. She decided to set up her own home studio in her Brooklyn apartment and continued writing. Her hiatus was short lived! ‘I’m ready to sing again’ she said.. ‘I miss being on that stage’! As fate would have it, through a mutual friend she met Peter Monk of Minker Monk Music. They hit it off and Peter introduced Sandy to his co-writer, Candace. The three of them got together and brainstormed and Monk knew exactly what to do with ‘Big Voice’!

Monk nailed two stellar productions for Sandy. Her first single ‘Windowpane’ is a pulse-raising dance record (co-written by Reed) where Reed’s vocal power and ability quickly steal the show! She holds back on the verses with a less-is-more attitude, then sneaks up and bites you with her power in the chorus. Convincing the listener of every word she says, she describes how in an ever-changing world, having faith in relationships can give you the strength to keep moving forward. The tension in this song along with Sandy’s conviction is undeniable. Peter and Sandy would briefly talk about their mutual affinity for the disco era, and how each of them always wanted to do a new version of those records with an old school feel. The inspiration for her second single was then realized. The outcome, ‘Feelin’ So Alive’, is a modern day throwback of a 70’s disco record. This fresh interpretation captures that idea brilliantly; not only musically but in the melodic and lyrical content, as well. It is uplifting, carefree, and reminds us that life is short; to leave your inhibitions in the past! If you close your eyes when the strings open the song, you will magically be transported to a world filled with disco balls and happiness.

Sandy Reed is back! This is what her fans have been waiting for and they definitely won’t be disappointed.